Homeward Bound

Kords’dei the 9th of Sablecloud, 1325 IR

After a Spiral Knight skyguard half-orc approached the Wanderers with a letter for Xevan in a tavern in Hiobrynn, marked with the Dragon Seal, the Wanderers set off for Spiregarde. The long journey took them to a dwarvish town which had closed its roads until the culprit of a mass alcohol theft was apprehended. The Spiral Wanderers, most of which were desperate for a drink, agreed to investigate further the heist. They searched a clearing where they found large footprints leading to a cave. Inside the cave, the Wanderers found a young Elysian Dragon, passed out and surrounded by empty ale bottles. Convinced that the dragon was the thief, they awakened the beast. Confused and still drunk, the Elysian Dragon explained that he had purchased a month’s supply of brew from a hooded man for an astral diamond (also that the brew sucked). When the party revealed that the ale was in fact stolen, the Dragon agreed to return the ale he did not consume. On the way out of the cave, however, the Spiral Wanderers were distracted by a loud explosion. When they went to investigate, they found beings of the Plane of Dreams, tasked with assassinating Xevan and Saphirra, led by the hooded man, Zalgo, who deceived the dragon. The Wanderers and the elysian dragon fought Zalgo and his minions. In the midst of the battle, Saphirra accidentally proclaimed her love for Xevan, who reciprocated, and X’car appeared before them, bestowing upon them a Divine Boon to protect each other. With this new found power, the Wanderers defeated Zalgo’s men, and just as they were about to assault him, he surrendered. Zalgo explained N’hen had sent him to destroy Xevan and Saphirra, as X’car had taken off from the City in the Night to reside in the Blessed Fields of Elysium peacefully, as long as she agreed to no longer meddle in mortal affairs. N’hen had blamed Xevan, as X’car prized him as her mortal champion. After the explanation, Zalgo begged to be released from life, and Exalis quickly obliged, striking the nightmare being through the chest with tentacles and absorbing his magical energy.

The Spiral Wanderers took just a day more to reach their destination: Aurum Estate of Spiregarde. It was there that Aleskandr Calloway revealed to Xevan of his true heritage: He was the son of the great gold wyrm Kalavandros. As Calloway said this, two golden wings burst from his back and he revealed himself to be Kalavandros, rightful heir to the throne of the Arkhosian Empire. He explained to Xevan that his ignorance was for his protection, as all of Kalavandros’ sons’ had been slain in the past as he tried to bring strength back to Arkohsia. He believed that fate was Xevan’s guide, not his blood, and so he let Xevan grow into a strong dragonborn on his own. Kalavandros left Aurum Estate to Xevan, bestowing upon him the name of Thane of Calloway.

It was then that Taliq and Taven arrived, explaining the events and circumstances of Taliq’s possession in the Hiobrynn mines. Taven had wanted to reassign Taliq to the tutelage of another High Councillor, Quoben, but Taliq pleaded that he continue to aid the Spiral Wanderers so that he could better learn to control his powers and make up for the wrongdoings he had committed himself. Taven then explained to the Wanderers some important tasks they must attend to. The Council had dispatched a research team – led by a mage named Jelia – to the Shan’tae Badlands, and had not heard a report back from her in a while. They worried for the researcher, but did not want to incite war with the remnant armies of Seremis. Taven informed them Professor Errat would be joining them on their journey. As he mentioned his name, Errat appeared before the group, introducing himself. After some mostly harmless chatter, they decided to take a day’s rest in the Keep before setting off.

PS There was also Awynn molestation by Exalis. True story.


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