Temple in the Storm

Lareth’dei the 13th of Wardingdawn, 1325 IR

A rough storm surprised the heroes, causing them to take shelter in a small cavern. Nikul and Thryn, exhausted from the long walk, set up their bedrolls by a broken bladegem deposit and took a rest. The other three, however, ended up having a surprise in the otherwise unexciting cave.

Saphirra and Awynn bathed in a hot spring in the back of the cave, which ended up turning into a full on back massage for Awynn. Xevan was distracted patrolling the front of the cave. He decided to check up on the girls when Awynn heard a whisper in the winds, causing her alarm. Karme, too, was upset by the message. Awynn rushed out of the hot spring, still fully naked, to the bladegem deposit to use the scent as incense for contact with the spirits. She saw a man, speaking some alien words, walk through the north wall of the cave. Saphirra and Xevan went to inspect the wall while Awynn decided to ingest an Elixir of Clairvoyance, and directly after the elixir entered her, she saw hundreds of soldiers, slaying men, women, and children, then raising their swords to the sky and turning to lightning. She also saw a large beast, a man covered in black scales with the head of a dragon. Upset by this, she stood and walked to the north wall. She attempted to recreate the words the man spoke. After several failures, she smashed her head against the cave in frustration. Although this did nothing, Xevan helped Awynn and she rammed through the cave wall, exposing a set of stairs leading to a temple. Also, he coped a feel on her large breast.

In the temple was a brazier and two poles sparkling with electricity. As they entered the temple, Nikul woke, and coming to see what went on, stepped on some strange floor. He viciously swung his sword at Saphirra, but luckily missed. After investigating the temple, the heroes heard a song echoing off the walls. Nikul recognized the song as The Song That Ended A War, sung by Silas Songweaver, which was so beautiful it caused the warriors to cease fighting. As they walked down the stairs to the temple, they encountered the famed Eladrin. He explained the storm was not natural, it was incurred by the followers of Kord, the god of storm and war. The Stormcallers of Kord has been corrupted, and it was up to the heroes to stop it.


SpecOpsBear TheStray

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