The Scroll of Tarakhiin

Midday of Lareth’dei the 27th of Wardingdawn, 1325 IR

Beginning their investigations into the cultist activity observed by High Councillor Taven, the Spiral Wanderers find themselves in the village of Fang-at-wolf’s-neck – a settlement built during the dynastic period of the early Arkhosian empire. There, they ran into an old friend of Taliq’s named Ramiel the Falcon. Ramiel had come to the Maeda Temple to search for artifacts belonging to the Silverclaw Family, a powerful house in the early Arkhosian empire.

The reunion was short-lived, however, as the sound of shattering glass alerted our heroes to a grave-robbery in progress. Although the grave-robbers were easily dispatched, the question remained how they could have gotten into the crypt when there was only one entrance. It turned out that secret passages in the mausoleum thought sealed by earthquakes during the Great Schism were not quite as ‘sealed’ as once thought. Both Ramiel and the Spiral Wanderers ventured further into the crypt, navigating a secret passage into the burial chambers of Yoshirou Silverclaw.

It was here that Ramiel’s goal, the Scroll of Tarakhiin, was located. And it was here that his true intentions were made known, as a suddenly flash of light blinded the party and the traitorous elf let loose the newly risen Arkhosian Scion from his coffin. A grueling battle ensued – one that would have spelt the doom of more than a few of the Wanderers had they not retreated and gathered the entirety of their forces against Yoshirou. Yet even with their combined strength, Yoshirou was incredibly strong, and it took – once again – a stroke of divine fortune to turn the tide of the battle.

With Yoshirou laid to rest, Taliq came to a sudden realization – the scroll was being sought after by a group known as the ‘Tears of Vecna’ – cultists of the lich god of secrets trained in the ancient ways of the Arkhosian ninjas. With so many questions left unanswered, what does fate have in store for our heroes?

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Experience Earned

  • XP from Combat Encounters 1650 XP
  • XP from Skill Challenges 350 XP
  • XP from Quests 175 XP

Total XP from this Session 2,175 XP (544 XP per player)


  • Yoshirou’s katana, a +2 frightful longsword (allotted to Saphirra)
  • 20 gold pieces


SpecOpsBear SpecOpsBear

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