Forgemaster; former war machine


Citadel is the warforged proprietor of the eponymous Citadel Forge in Spiregarde. A master smith, any weapon forged by his hands has as much care and detail put into in its craftsmanship as did Citadel’s own body. This is neither surprising nor unexpected, as Citadel is the product of the armies of Seremis, and in his past, he fought against the very Spirefolk he now serves during the War of Ten Staves. Abandoned after their defeat, he pledged his services to the city and dedicated his smithing hand to redeeming himself for his transgressions against his newfound neighbors.

Citadel’s masterwork is of great fame all across Greater Erud, where cities as far as al’Qadir and Xochetlan place a high price on his arms and armor. Citadel’s trademark is a simple symbol of a tower or rook placed upon his works in places where the mark is concealed when in use but not hard to find when on display, such as on areas of armor near one’s shoulder, the back of a shinguard at the knee joint, or burned into the straps of a sword pommel just below the hilt of the blade.


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