Eolan Redhair

Retired Spiral Knight; proprietor of The Red Shield


Eolan Redhair is a retired Spiral Knight who now owns and operates the Red Shield inn and tavern in Spiregarde. In 1307 IR, Eolan was serving as a Knight-Commander in the 9th Legion when the Sons of Bane attempted a desperate raid on the settlements of Lunrevar and Coalburn. At first, the Spiral Knights were overwhelmed – the attack was unexpected, and the forces deployed in the region were few. Yet even against such incredible odds, Eolan stood his ground.

Although all of the men under his command would die in the attacks, he single-handedly prevented the Banesons from continuing their advance, buying the rest of the knights valuable time to send reinforcements and drive their hated enemies out of the countryside once and for all. That day, Eolan’s bravery earned him the rank of Field Marshall – the highest rank attainable by a Spiral Knight beneath the Grand Marshall and the Dragon-King himself.

These days, Eolan spends most of his time managing the Red Shield. Though he has some of his old comrades tend to the taproom during the day, there is not a moonrise that has not had Eolan behind the bar since 1319.

Eolan Redhair

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