Sieghard Chaif

Spellscarred alchemist; methodical, eager to help others


Age 27 (Birthday: Sombresky 1, 1298 IR) / Race Human / Theme Song Shoji Meguro – Stage (from Catherine)

Sieghard Chaif is an artificer from Coalburn, a dwarven mining town north of Spiregarde. Serving as the town alchemist for about five years, Sieghard is known for being incredibly gifted in his trade but also as being somewhat of a recluse. In late Wardingdawn of 1325 IR, he was contacted by the Council of Erudis with an invitation to join acquaintances he had aided in the Lunrevar insomnia crisis as a member of their adventuring company, which he gladly accepted.


When Sieghard was younger, he studied under a professor from the Arcane University. During that time, a miscalculation in his peer group’s formula resulted in an alchemical mishap that caused most of their workshop’s volatile reagents to combust, killing the professor and two of Sieghard’s classmates and totally vaporizing his right arm. In addition, the accident left him with a ‘spellscar’ – a less than noticeable deformity that changes individuals exposed to volatile magic. Spellscarred individuals are able to manifest the raw power of spellfire with practice, but many see the afflicted as abominations, their blue fire an omen of misfortune second only to the Mark of Shame.

In the years following his scarring, Sieghard has learned how to control this power, and he used his enhanced magical abilities to graft a severed arm from a warforged onto his body, which now serves as his most prominent physical characteristic.

Sieghard Chaif

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