Taliq zul'Fadil

Dusk elven Warden once blinded by pride


Age 72 (Birthday: Whispercloud 10, 1253 IR) / Race Elf / Theme Song Andrew Aversa – Sleepless: An Untamed Beast (from Soul Calibur V)

Taliq zul’Fadil is a dusk elf Warden, a servant of the Council of Erudis. In his past life, he served as a member of al’Qadir’s Sovereign Army as well as a city guard. As a battlemind, he combines powerful psionic magic with rigorous military training to defend his allies and destroy his foes. He has been Perceived as a requirement for joining the Wardens, and he bears a Mark of Serenity.

Control Issues

Taliq is a complicated individual. When he was young, he was a prominent adventurer and gained a great deal of fame in his hometown of Kabura. But that all changed as his psionic potential showed itself. For years, Taliq’s name became like poison when spoken as his psyche struggled with controlling his power, resulting in bizarre (and sometimes disastrous) accidents taking place around him.

He was eventually exiled from Kabura, and the anger in his heart from that event was felt immediately. As he ran from the village sobbing and cursing the townfolk, some of them suddenly and violently died – their heads bursting open like a fruit crushed under a heel, or their mouths opening impossibly wide, their jaws distending as if yanked by an invisible hand.

Taliq was eventually taken in by a monk of the Path of Thirty-Seven Obstacles. This monk taught him that “the mind is a plaything of the body”, and that his reckless adventuring had made his power volatile. He then proceeded to train him both physically and mentally, and eventually set him out on his own so he could join the Sovereign Army and face al’Qadir’s foes in combat.

His powers now under his control, Taliq served the Army as an infantryman for ten years before the Great Schism occured. He was among those who berated the city-states for not being able to control the use of magic in their borders, and fully supported the Council of Erudis’ witchhunting practices. But he only said these words to escape his own fate – what if the Council found him to be a threat? What if he was Perceived and given the Mark of Shame? His anxiety only served to weaken his control over his power, and he was forced to step down as an active duty soldier and take a guard post in the city.

He finally found some sense of purpose in his dealings with extraplanar tourists. Time and again, he’d find that power corrupts, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. With this in mind, he quit the city guard in 1299 IR and left for High Erudar to join the Wardens, hoping that by eliminating individuals like himself who could not control their own fate, he could finally restore his own.

As a prerequisite for joining, he needed to be Perceived. Taliq no longer had any regrets about his power, and willingly allowed himself to be subject to the procedure. To his surprise, he was given the Mark of Serenity – one of the honorable Marks. He was henceforth inducted into the Wardens and he served as a witchhunter for twenty years.

Because of his fragile psychological profile, Taliq was always considered to be the ‘problem child’ of the Wardens, and he was ‘disposed of’ by being made into a personal bodyguard for High Councillor Taven, who saw some use for him as a member of the Spiral Wanderers. Later, after another incident of a lack of control, he was collected by High Councillor Quoben to be trained personally under the powerful psychic.

Taliq zul'Fadil

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