Hamadryad witch; shy, but assertive


Race Hamadryad / Role Controller / Level 7
Senses Low-light vision
Trained Skills Dungeoneering, Stealth

Racial Power: Hamadryad Aspects
At-Will Attack: Witch Bolt
Encounter Attack: Grim Shadow
Utility Power: Phantasmal Terrain
Companion Feature: Lingering Misfortune

Wand Implement


Age 25 (Birthday: Regalcloud 7, 1300 IR) / Race Hamadryad / Theme Song Kenichi Tokoi – Planet Wisp, Modern (from Sonic Generations)

Tiani is a hamadryad – a tree spirit – who once resided in a great oak in the Low Nordland. Some time ago, her home tree was cut down by the minotaurs of the Tauroch clan, and she became greatly depressed. In her melancholy, she eventually made contact with some being of magical power and became a witch under its tutelage. This creature accompanies her as a familiar in the form of a raven.


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