Tristan Baird

Young Spiral Knight; once cautious and timid, now headstrong and boastful


Age 16 (Birthday: Shiningdawn 29, 1309 IR) / Race Human / Theme Song Daisuke Ishiwatari – Still in the Dark (from Guilty Gear X2)

Tristan Baird is a young Spiral Knight from the 8th Legion. Though loyal to king and country, his timid nature keeps him from overexerting himself or ‘being the hero’ on the battlefield. Between the 12th and 24th days of Wardingdawn 1325 IR, Tristan served on his first tour of duty as a scout before being recruited into the Spiral Wanderers by the Council of Erudis.

Worst Fear

Tristan’s mother, Coletta, was killed by a wererat right before his eyes, causing him to develop a deep phobia of rats, or murophobia, and lycanthropes in general, fearing that the one who killed his mother was still out to get him. While that wasn’t really the case, fate brought him and his mother’s killer brought them together once more – and this time, the rat’s luck ran out.

Tristan Baird

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