Vincent Faulkner

Spiral Knights Knight-Commander, 8th Legion


Vincent Faulkner was a Knight-Commander in the Spiral Knights’ 8th Legion. At thirty-one years old, Vincent was a veteran of both the Frenzy of Frosthallow and the Bloody Jaw campaign. He was more than competent in his role as a field officer, and his compassion for his fellow knights was eclipsed only by his camaraderie among them. He was neither strict nor laid back in his command, and his even-handed disposition won him the loyalty of his subordinates – or, as he would call them, his brothers.

Vincent Faulkner was entrusted by Lord Aleksandr Calloway to rescue kidnapped Young Knights from Fort Daeoth in early Wardingdawn of 1325 IR. Although he completed this task, in the final battle against the dragon Szartharrax, he was slain by the wyrm – eaten alive, his torso ripped clean from his legs. He died giving his life for the brave adventurers whom he had accompanied on this task – and he would’ve wanted no less, as was evident by the smile on his face as his corpse was buried in the graveyard of Bahamus Citadel.

Vincent Faulkner

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