Cloak of Kamilé

A mystical cloak of silvery leaves

Cloak of Kamilé
Heroic Level

This cloak seems to flow as if blown by an invsible wind. Woven by the elven cloakmaster Kamilé, the silvery leaves adorning the fine emerald silk is as strong as mithral, but it weighs next to nothing.
The cloak of Kamilé is a magic cloak with the following properties and powers.
Neck Slot
Enhancement Bonus: +3 to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
♦ You gain a +5 item bonus to Arcana checks, Nature checks, and Stealth checks.
♦ You gain a +1 item bonus to AC when wearing light armor or no armor.
♦ When an attack deals damage to you on a miss, that damage is halved, unless it is ongoing damage.
Utility Power: Brooch SeedAt-Will (Minor Action)
Effect: You produce a silverleaf brooch, which resembles half of a walnut made of cast iron. Any ally wearing a silverleaf brooch can use the powers and properties and half of the enhancement bonus of the cloak of Kamilé as if they were wearing it. The silverleaf brooch occupies the neck slot. Only one silverleaf brooch can exist at a time.
Utility Power: Change ShapeAt-Will (Minor Action)
Effect: You command the cloak of Kamilé (or the cloak produced by the silverleaf brooch) to change shape. The cloak can assume the shape of any cloth item worn around the head, neck, and/or shoulders, such as a cape, cloak, or vest.
Utility Power: Healing BreezeHealing Surge (Free Action)
Trigger: One of your powers grants an ally a healing surge.
Effect: The target of the triggering power does not spend the healing surge, but they still receive the benefit of spending one. You are weakened and slowed until the end of your next turn..


Goals of the Cloak of Kamilé

  • Protect the wild lands of Erudis and heal the wounds of the Great Schism.
  • Restore the natural link between the Feywild and the material plane.
  • Promote harmony between nature and civilization.


The cloak of Kamilé will grow in power with its wielder over time, but other actions may affect its concordance with its owner. You will be notified when the cloak’s concordance has changed.

Kamilé’s spirit is confident in the cloak’s owners to do good for nature, channeling spiritual aid to empower them.

Cloak of Kamilé

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