Kidnapping at Kobold Hall

Morning of Lareth’dei the 6th of Wardingdawn, 1325 Imperial Reckoning

This was supposed to be a day of celebration. The Bloody Jaw orcs that had been terrorizing the countryside, after three long months, had been routed from the Nornwood, and the 13th Legion would be returning home. Not only that, but young Spiral Knights were leaving for their agoge trials to begin the following morning. Yet when the dawn broke, the only emotions that were present in the taproom of the Red Shield Inn were dread and worry. The children’s caravan had been found ransacked, and the young squires were missing.

But as luck would have it, a pair of adventurers from beyond Spiregarde, as well as one of their own brave knights, were up to the task of rescuing the young ones. Joined by one of their drinking companions of the night previous, these heroic individuals were sent off to find the children.

The adventurers arrived at the dreaded ruins of Fort Daeoth – the place now known as ‘Kobold Hall’. Though they have yet to truly pierce the inner sanctum of the compound, they’ve already made their mark on the defenders of this old ruin – the kobolds behind the kidnapping.

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Further into Kobold Hall

Mid-day of Lareth’dei the 6th of Wardingdawn 1325 IR

The impromptu adventuring company proceeded further into the tomb beneath Fort Daeoth, searching for the missing Young Knights. Though the kobolds they dispatched in the tombs were easily slain, they were caught unaware by fiendish traps set in the tombs to ward against intruders.

Though the others thought nothing of it, someone (or something) took notice when Nikul Thurhammer burned the kobolds’ shrine to Tiamat, for when they faced the hall’s next group of defenders, they found themselves grievously outmatched. But ‘luck’ was on their side, and even as they were brought to the brink of death several times, they managed to survive the ordeal.

After slaying the many guards standing in their way, they interrogated the sole remaining kobold and learned of the fate of the Young Knights. Their master, a dragon named Szartharrax, had taken the children on behalf of an unknown man – described as wearing a black cloak, having pale skin, and wielding a sword that glowed. When his employer failed to produce the gold for the children’s capture, he feasted upon all of them but one. Now, our heroes are in a race against time to find the last Young Knight before he succumbs to this grisly fate!

The adventure concludes in Session 3 – Best Served Cold!
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Best Served Cold

Early Afternoon of Lareth’dei the 6th of Wardingdawn, 1325 IR

At last, the heroes found the chieftain of the Skull Kicker tribe responsible for Szartharrax’s dirty work. They also found a survivor – the Young Knight Tristan Baird. After a grueling battle, the kobolds were on the brink of death and were forced to retreat. The heroes returned to Spiregarde and informed Lord Calloway of the threat that lied within Kobold Hall. They were then instructed to return the following day to deal with Szartharrax himself.

Late Morning of Ios’dei the 7th

Deep underneath Daeothmarch was the cavernous lair of the young dragon. He fought against the heroes with selective prejudice at first, attempting to slay Nikul Thurhammer. But when the party proved to be more challenging a foe than he thought, Szartharrax’s rage intensified. Ultimately, the efforts of the party could not prevent the dragon from taking a life, and Vincent Faulkner was slain – his torso bit clean off of his legs – before Szartharrax himself fell.

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Shadows in the Earth

Mid-day of Avan’dei the 10th of Wardingdawn, 1325 IR

Fresh from their victory against the thralls of the white dragon Szartharrax, our heroes spent their last few days in celebration and mourning. Thryn was called out for business back home in the lands near Frostholme, whilst Xevan was personally honored for his contributions with a gift from Zanorin Mithralsoul – a new maul.

After a brief verbal spat with a middle-aged dragonborn woman named Saphirra, our heroes found themselves hired by Garn Goldtooth, a merchant claiming he could pay them handsomely for a simple afternoon’s journey up the Old Road. But the adventurers quickly saw through his ruse, and it turned out he had been employed by the mastermind of the previous incident’s events to draw them into a trap.

Knowing what they were getting into, the adventurers accompanied Garn up the Old Road. Sure enough, they were ambushed, but their preparedness allowed them to get an upper hand on the enemy. They quickly dispatched most of the mystery man’s servitors, and one even gave them his location. Garn then re-appeared, and Xevan had a disturbing realization – he was THE Garn Goldtooth, the leader of the Southwind Blades thieves’ guild! Impressed by Garn’s bravado, however, Xevan let him leave with the living servant. Garn gave Xevan a nod of appreciation before disappearing in a flash of smoke.

Following the trail of their enemy, our heroes found themselves at an abandoned quarry in the Cleavewood. There, they faced off against denizens of the Shadowfell under ‘Master Adon’s’ employ. A grueling battle followed, almost ending with a loss of life for our intrepid adventurers, but quick tactical thinking allowed them to eke out a victory.

Our heroes then finally descended into an abandoned vault of duergar origin. Here, they found the man they were after – Adon, a shadar-kai nethermancer, and his consort, Nadyn the witch. They explained their true intent – to collect the souls of the dead to empower an artifact known as the Helm of Seven Deaths, which could use this life essence to cause untold destruction and prolong the life of its wearer. Our heroes now face the shadar-kai nethermancer in a fight to the death – but will they succeed?

The adventure concludes next week in The Shadows Undone!
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The Shadows Undone

Early Afternoon of Avan’dei the 10th of Wardingdawn, 1325 IR
When we last left our heroes…

Xevan, Saphirra and Nikul confronted the nethermancers Adon and Nadyn in the abandoned duergar vault. Using the shadows of the dark vault for cover, the shadar-kai tried to trap the party into a pincer attack. The fight descended into two distinct battles – Nikul’s attempt to keep Adon away from his allies, while Xevan and Saphirra cornered the witch, Nadyn, who attempted to push them back with a deep shadow.

Although the party was successful in keeping Nadyn and Adon separated, it also left Xevan and Saphirra vulnerable to attack. Taking advantage of this, Adon brought them both to the brink of death. But fate had other plans for these Spiral Knights, as suddenly, Thryn was transported halfway across Greater Erud to the aid of his allies. “Your friends are endangered, and fate has spoken. Slay he who cheats the cycle of death.”

With the aid of Thryn’s divine power, the scales had tipped in the favor of our heroes. Once again, the gods had seen it fit to intervene, and Adon was quickly fell by the combined efforts of the resurgent Xevan and Nikul. The day won, our heroes prepared to return to the comfort of civilization when a familiar voice suddenly echoed from the entryway. Garn Goldtooth had re-appeared with a warning: don’t sleep in Lunrevar, lest the locals’ paranoia that the town had been taken by the king of nightmares held true.

And even then, unseen eyes saw the heroes’ deeds with curiosity. The curtain had been raised. The show had begun.

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The City in the Night

We found our heroes in a quaint tavern, where they mingled with each other and shared a drink or two. As Nikul dashed out of the tavern unexpectedly and for no apparent reason other than to be a pain in the ass, he collided face-first into the bosom of Awynn, a minotaur shaman. In shock, she shoved him back, through the doors of the tavern, knocking him unconscious. It was then a mysterious man in goggles, who introduced himself as Sieghard Chaif, administered a potion to wake him. It was through him our heroes discovered that in a hospice for the mentally ill, there were complaints about being able to sleep. Sieghard claimed that he had been busy trying to fulfill the request for sleeping potions for the asylum, but worried there was something afoot in the Realm of Dreams. According to him, [something about the nightmare king I can’t remember, sorry]. Awynn requested his recipes and he gave her a recipe card for Sleeping Potion.

After an easy decision by the party to investigate the Realm of Dreams, Sieghard gave each member a sleeping potion. They ‘awoke’ in the Realm of Dreams in mysterious, stone cells. After a short time the doors opened, and they found themselves assaulted by 3 Nightwarden Guards and 2 Nightwarden Archers. They defeated 2 of the guards before the echoing voice of Warden Kalathex boomed throughout the prison, destroying his guards in disappointment. Kalathex spoke to our heroes, claiming they must endure a trial before they were worthy of walking the City in the Night. For the trial, they must find the Warden’s Key. They would be able to take either the north or southern passages. They discovered a fire-breathing statue trap in the northern corridor and an endless pit in the southern. They passed through the trap with only Xevan and Sapphira being torched by the flames.

Each party member gained xp. No loot was found.

The King of Nightmares

Excerpt from the Log of Xevan. Date, Kords’dei the 11th of Wardingdawn, 1325 IR.

“… I still blame the mul for that damn fire trap, but what can ya do? Too bad he disappeared right after or the answer’d be kick his ass a bit. Anyway, we came face to face with the Warden of this prison, some Dark Elf with some personal space issues. Or a BDSM fetish, not really sure which. Didn’t ask before his head got caved in. Had this big ass… thing come out of his shadow though, ready to kill all of us. Some huge… porcupine… goblin… thing. No idea how to explain it, not really important. Almost got Awynn, but we came through in the end and found ourselves in some weird street in the City in the Night.

This ponce’s named N’hen’s voice popped up and started to tell us we were ‘uninvited’. Still blame the lazy ass couriers of the Kingdoms. Wimps. But whatever, he tells us to stay and save Nikul we had to face our fears, and I was first. Spiregarde burning. That’s what he showed me. The King, my superiors, dead to abominations. Showed up as the Lord Mayor trying to convince me I abandoned my post, betrayed everyone. I told him he was a pissant spirit with a god complex and I knew the place was a fake. How did I know? I don’t retreat.

Thyrn’s is next, apparently his clan had something against falling in love. The Gnoll had balls though, I will say that. Stood up to his chief and clan. Got his ass kicked for it. Still, more than a lot of people would’ve done in his place, gotta respect that. Then came Saphirra’s dad, at least I think it was. Didn’t realize she was a Knight-Captain. She can lead me any day that’s for sure, great veiw from behind. Either way she overcame that illusion. I think it actually was her dad too, he seemed proud she did. Her family’s banner was left behind, don’t think she’ll be giving that up anytime soon. Don’t blame her.

Finally, though, was Awynn. Facing Baphomet and her own primal side over a lake of fire. That girls got courage rivaling her huge ‘tracts of land’, I’ll say that. After that X’car, N’hen’s sister, showed up. Some Goddess of Vice, (Scribbled note; Wonder if she needs converts?) who we all seemed to have a different vision of, Saphirra refuses to tell me what she saw though. She told us how she was sick of seeing her brother do this and asked us to stop him. Evidently he didn’t like us agreeing to do so as the next thing we know we’re standing on a platform floating in nothing fighting him over Nikul’s mind and the souls of the entire town of Lunrevar. Bastard took down Saphirra, beat me down a few times, and kept summoning shadows and ranting like a jackass through the whole thing.

Eventually though X’car appeared and flashed me. While I appreciate the thought, I appreciated the sudden boost of strength that came with it a lot more. N’hen fell, and we returned to the world of the waking, along with this nice scale mail I called dibs on and Saphirra’s family banner. Not to mention evidently I fell asleep on Saph’s breasts so even if we lost I would’ve won. Still this is the second time a God’s stepped in to help us. We’re in their collective eyes for some reason, they want us alive, and I want to know why."

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The Bloody Jaw Bites Back

Excerpt from the Log of Xevan. Date, Lareth’dei the 12th of Wardingdawn, 1325 IR.

“… Orcs. Bloodyjaw Orcs. We’re never fucking rid of them are we? We came up on a pair of nobles and a Spiregarde Captain arguing. Evidently in his unit was that kid we saved from the Kolbolds, Tristan. Good kid, has potential. Broke ranks immediately to come say hello to us. I offered my help to the Knight-Captain, Lorenzo. The others could’ve stayed behind if they liked but I never will turn up a chance to kill Bloodyjaw Orcs. Apparently the Ebon Guard was supposed to respond to this, but “internal affairs” were keeping them back. I’ll pretend I know what that means. Either way the Spiral Knights got called on as a substitute. We had a short communications break down, mostly my fault as my thoughts were filled with green and red. The kid lead us in through the back and up to the guard tower when we arrived, probably their chieftain’s escape route considering he slipped out last time we crushed these orcs. We burst through the door, found a few Orcs and fire beetle… things and started killing, though Karme got dispelled and one got a lucky shot with a throwing axe though, that hurt like a bitch. The idiots were all wielding great axes but thankfully none seem to know how to use them, Awynn felt sorry enough for them to offer them lessons, I pointed out they’d likely forget within five minutes and try to eat the axes. The sound of something clambering up the steps drew our attention, at first I thought we’d be dealing with an ambush but Saph thankfully was the only one to show up. Apparently the Knight-Captain thought Tristan was taking too long, the kid obvious hasn’t had enough Commanders to know yes, they all will hate him on some level. Fight was rather anti-climatic then, until the Kid got a look at Saph’s “axe”. Note much of this entry will now have jokes about Saph’s “axe” as it is a very VERY nice “axe”. Awynn hid in a corner to piss off the axehole throwing shit at us, and hell if it didn’t work. The idiot came down and… well the rest of the fight was an uninteresting massacre where we kicked a lot of ass. Oh and Awynn found a Ruby in some dead guy’s boot.

A potion of Clairvoyance let Awynn see what was in the next room, sadly the Orcs heard us after she explained it and I boot my boot to the door before they could get in a better position to counter us. I immediately shoved the boiling cooking pot over and onto the Orc, burning the bastard to death. The kid managed to screw up the trapdoor the orcs had set up, like I said he has potential, and I made an Orc cry by calling it’s mother a whore. The rest of the fight was kinda blurry, but I was busy being badass. One orc got thrown into the fire pit, another two got their heads smashed off with my maul, and one died to my fire breath while the Orc mage found himself singed. I’m kind of a badass.

Finally though we found our target in the next room, the Orc Chieftain along with two berserkers and, more worryingly a dire wolf. Karme got dispelled again pretty early on in the fight, tenacious little pig though. More your mother jokes and I wound up pushing an Orc into the fireplace. Multiple times while trying to convince him to join us with promises of Snoo-snooing Awynn. Didn’t work and we eventually killed him of course. For the record, Tristan is a terrible shot, but the boy’ll get better eventually. Before long the mul showed up, Saph tripped over a bed and we got a great view of her “axe”, and the chief got killed. Not much to tell really, other than we’re badasses. On a completely unrelated note, dire wolf is good eatin’."

Temple in the Storm

Lareth’dei the 13th of Wardingdawn, 1325 IR

A rough storm surprised the heroes, causing them to take shelter in a small cavern. Nikul and Thryn, exhausted from the long walk, set up their bedrolls by a broken bladegem deposit and took a rest. The other three, however, ended up having a surprise in the otherwise unexciting cave.

Saphirra and Awynn bathed in a hot spring in the back of the cave, which ended up turning into a full on back massage for Awynn. Xevan was distracted patrolling the front of the cave. He decided to check up on the girls when Awynn heard a whisper in the winds, causing her alarm. Karme, too, was upset by the message. Awynn rushed out of the hot spring, still fully naked, to the bladegem deposit to use the scent as incense for contact with the spirits. She saw a man, speaking some alien words, walk through the north wall of the cave. Saphirra and Xevan went to inspect the wall while Awynn decided to ingest an Elixir of Clairvoyance, and directly after the elixir entered her, she saw hundreds of soldiers, slaying men, women, and children, then raising their swords to the sky and turning to lightning. She also saw a large beast, a man covered in black scales with the head of a dragon. Upset by this, she stood and walked to the north wall. She attempted to recreate the words the man spoke. After several failures, she smashed her head against the cave in frustration. Although this did nothing, Xevan helped Awynn and she rammed through the cave wall, exposing a set of stairs leading to a temple. Also, he coped a feel on her large breast.

In the temple was a brazier and two poles sparkling with electricity. As they entered the temple, Nikul woke, and coming to see what went on, stepped on some strange floor. He viciously swung his sword at Saphirra, but luckily missed. After investigating the temple, the heroes heard a song echoing off the walls. Nikul recognized the song as The Song That Ended A War, sung by Silas Songweaver, which was so beautiful it caused the warriors to cease fighting. As they walked down the stairs to the temple, they encountered the famed Eladrin. He explained the storm was not natural, it was incurred by the followers of Kord, the god of storm and war. The Stormcallers of Kord has been corrupted, and it was up to the heroes to stop it.

Crypt of the Stormcallers

From the journal of Awynn, Lareth’dei the 13th of Wardingdawn, 1325 IR

There was quite a storm raging in the mountains as we travelled. Thankfully, we encountered a nice cave to take shelter in. The cave was small and quaint. In the center was a large pit, the result of a destroyed bladegem vein. In the back corner was a wonderful hot spring! The waterfall spewed from the top of the cavern, and the water seemed to be heated by some sort of volcanic activity near. It seemed to be of no concern, though. The water felt incredible. Saphirra and I snuck in to bathe as Nikul and Thryn slept by the pit of bladegem. Xevan wanted to keep watch. Saphirra and I had an…interesting bath. We began splashing each other, and eventually she tried to get the blood caked into my fur out…but it turned into a wonderous back massage. I never felt so relaxed and wonderful! Her hands were strong and firm, but still soft and feminine…it was incredible. Her fingers worked through each muscle to relax them. It hurt at times, but when she would get a knot out…it was pure bliss!

We were interrupted, though, by a whisper in the winds. It was the spirits. “The storm…not of ours..” it said. It was faint, they were struggling to reach me…I had to contact them. The bladegem deposit provided a scent that was able to assist me in my rituals. I was able to contact them, and they sent me a vision. One of a man, dressed in robes, speaking alien words….walking through the north wall of the cave…He walked up stairs to a temple. There had to be something there. In my trance, I believe I mentioned something about the north wall, because when I returned from the vision Xevan and Saphirra were already there inspecting it. I felt this wasn’t enough, however, and took an Elixir of Clairvoyance to aid my connection with the spirits. Then, a very powerful vision…if you could call it that…it was as if I was there, in the battlefield…there were soldiers slaughtering men, women, and children by the dozens. They held their bloodied swords to the sky and they turned to lightning. Then, a man with a dragon’s head turned and looked at me….and I was thrust out of the vision.

I stumbled to my feet, lightheaded, and walked to the north wall where Xevan and Saphirra were. I tried reciting the phrase the man spoke as he walked through the wall, but I could not. I was so frustrated, I smashed my head against the rock caverns. The wall didn’t budge, but I wasn’t about to give up. I felt Xevan at my back as I rammed the wall once more. I think I also felt a hand at my breast…but I’m still not sure…Anyway, the wall shattered, rock crumbling to the ground, and there before us laid the stairway to the temple.

We ascended the stairs, and I saw more clearly my vision. It was there, right before me. A brazier in the mid of the room, with two poles of electricity on opposite corners. Nikul woke from the sound of the destroyed wall, running up the stairs, and his feet met with some strangely colored floor. He took a swing at Saphirra, but missed, thankfully. I believe the floor had violent magical qualities. Then, a song began to echo off the walls. Nikul mentioned it was ‘The Song That Ended A War.’ Apparently, an eladrin named Silas Songweaver was practicing his violin…but the sound of his tune was so beautiful the soldiers dropped their weapons and the fighting ceased. It sounded as if it was coing from the cavern, and so we headed back.

Before us stood the famed Silas Songweaver. He played a songblade. After the finale, he bowed and explained to us the temple. The temple belonged to the Stormcallers of Kord, followers of the god of storm and war. Their faith had become corrupted, and Kord was not pleased. He explained that we had a journey destined for us…We must make right the Stormcaller’s mistake.

We turned and reascended the stairs. Just as we did, gates of lightning stretched the entrences to the room. Unfortunately, Silas Songweaver was locked behind the elemental barriers. Three draugr entered from the north, and reanimated corpses rose from all walls of the room. The corpses exploded in a fit of static upon death, which caused some… unpleasant sensations. I think I still feel little bits of static in my fur…We defeated them with ease, though, and progressed deeper into the temple. We did find, however, a coffin, with a fresh corpse adorning a tunic adorned with bear fur. I could feel the spirit of the bear in this armor, and Silas bestowed it upon me. I graciously accepted the gift, hoping to please the bear spirit that watches over this armor. We came into a dungeon looking area where more of these dragur lie in wait for us. After a bit of a battle, they decided to call a fighting retreat…but only one of them actually got away…

It was then we escaped the dungeon looking area and came to a courtyard with a shrine in the middle. Rain still poured from the sky, thunder ravaging our ears. We curiously walked towards the shrine-looking building. As we approched the entrance, Silas spoke once more. He addressed a character as Valdimarr, the man responsible for the Frenzy of Frosthallow. He appeared to be another dragur, though much more powerful. Beside him stood Torvus of the Cloudstrider clan, a goliath witht he scales of a dragonborn. Apparently, the Spiral Knights had driven a clan dubbed ‘the Red Hand’ out of an area…and Torvus was captured, treated as a slave, tortured and beaten. He blamed the Spiral Knights for the actions of the Red Hand…he was full of fury and savagry, and yet…I could understand…As Silas went to attack, a bolt of lightning shot from the sky and wounded him badly. I offered to assist him, but he teleported away swiftly, leaving the goliath and the draugr to us.

The two were very challenging foes…Torvus used a powerful dragon’s breath that damaged many of us…And Valdimarr used a chain lightning spell which could bounce between us…not long after the fight began, Nikul grabbed Torvus and pulled him to a trap….sacrificing his life for us…Although Torvus and Valdimarr were still strong after the explosion, Nikul had passed on. He had sacrificed his life for us…even though he acted very rudely, obnoxiously, and arrogantly often, he had good in him. We struggled to keep awake…I’m sure I lost consciousness at some point…thankfully Saphirra came to my aid and protected me as I could get back on my feet.

As things looked dire, Valdimarr approached us, asking us if we wanted to know the truth. In a fit of rage, Torvus screamed, “It doesn’t matter what the truth is! You will all die here, and Spiregarde with you!” Right after that…Valdimarr summoned a vicious thunder at Torvus…he said it was never about vengeance…never against spiregarde. Although he cursed Spiregarde in his death, he would never seek to harm them. As if this wasn’t surprising enough…Silas returned, and on his violin he played a song. A song so invigorating, it brought Nikul back to life! It filled us all with soft energy and healed our wounds. Now it wasn’t about us…it was about them. Silas played one last song as Valdimarr cast one last lightning spell on Torvus…

I lowered my head, and Saphirra embraced me…and I cried. I cried for the goliath. Many minotaur lose their way to vengeance and savagry…and it is a cursed existence…and I wished I could have helped. My heart ached for the poor creature, and I couldn’t help but sob for him in Saphirra’s arms. Karme came to my side and I could feel his anguish, as well. He felt for me. But I knew I couldn’t mourn for long. There was more to attend to. I wiped the tears from my cheek and listened to Valdimarr.

Valdimarr was loyal to the Dragon King as well, just like the Spiral Knights. Torvus has come to him, as a fellow follower of Kord, to request his aid. even though Valdimarr cursed the Spiral Knights, he only did so because they could not save him and his unit. He believed he was a citizen of Spiregarde forever, even after his passing. With that, he fell into a pile of ash and bones, with an amulet and rusted armor atop the small pile.

Silas offered a choice of reward: A bag of holding, or the tongue of sentinels and fey creatures. Although, a choice it was not, as he claimed fortune had already decided. He walked to Xevan and placed his finger upon his lips, transferring him the knowledge of the language…I won’t deny my jealousy…but I still believe it is much more valuable than a bad of holding. He offered Nikul a place in the Blackwing Nightcloaks, a thieves’ guild of Spiregarde. Nikul’s time with us had come to an end. I could see relief on Xevan and Sapphira’s faces, but I appreciated his sacrifice and silently mourned his departure. I must agree, though, that he will be better off there than with us…

It was a long day, and I thank you, spirits, for aiding and guiding us through this difficult journey.


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