Imperial Calendar

In the time of the Age of Three Thrones, the great empries adopted a single calendar – the imperial calendar of Nerath.

Weeks and Days

Weeks on the calendar are seven days long, with each day named after a great deity. The week begins on Pelors’dei, which is followed by Selune’dei, Erath’dei, Avan’dei, Kords’dei, Larteh’dei, and ends with Ios’dei.


There are twelve months to a year, which are (in order) Sombresky, Dreamcloud, Emeraldsky, Flowerdawn, Regalcloud, Shiningdawn, Verdantsky, Whispercloud, Azuresky, Wardingdawn, Sablecloud, and Ravenmoon. The amount of days in a month are as follows…

  • The months of Sombresky, Emeraldsky, Regalcloud, Verdantsky, Whispercloud, Wardingdawn and Ravenmoon have thirty-one days.
  • The months of Flowerdawn, Shiningdawn, Azuresky and Sablecloud have thirty days.
  • The month of Dreamcloud normally has twenty-eight days, but every 4 years, a twenty-ninth day is observed as part of a leap year.


There are four seasons that are recognized by the calendar. Spring begins around the 4th of Dreamcloud, summer around the 7th of Regalcloud, autumn around the 6th of Whispercloud, and winter around the 8th of Sablecloud.


A number of holidays are observed every year. Some of these holidays have existed since before the calendar’s inception, but a few have been added in recent times.

  • The Carnival of Time (1st of Sombresky) – A celebration of a new year’s beginning.
  • Ringbearer’s Day (14th of Dreamcloud) – A holiday of Nerathi origin, this is a day where beloved and betrothed exchange gifts to reaffirm their commitments, or for those who have yet to declare their heart’s desire to present themselves to their prospective mate.
  • Day of the Thief (1st of Flowerdawn) – According to legend, it was on this day that a street urchin stole a throne from its kingdom and caused all law in the land to become twisted and meaningless. Businesses traditionally close their doors to customers as celebrants play practical jokes amongst each other.
  • Midsummer’s Day (4th of Verdantsky) – A time of merriment in Arkhosian culture, the day of midsummer is celebrated with prestidigitation and jovial festivities.
  • Day of Remembrance (21st of Azuresky) – On this day in 1278 IR, the Great Schism brought devastation and chaos to the face of Erudis. As decreed by the Council of Erudis on that same day in 1279 IR, all who would work this day shall lay down their tools and pray for the souls who were lost that fateful autumn’s afternoon. And so it shall be each year, for none shall forget the coming of the Ironspire.
  • Night of the Sojourn (31st of Wardingdawn) – Traditionally celebrated by the Flock of the Raven Queen, the Night of the Sojourn is a time of letting go of burdens and seeking acceptance of fate. Celebrants don monstrous costume and playfully seek to frighten one another, hoping to rid each other of their fears.
  • The Harvest Festival (Last Kords’dei of Sablecloud) – In many cultures, the harvest of crops from farmland ends before the snowfall. Many communities on the borderlands between Nerath and Vaelyn shared these beliefs, and two noble houses from both nations decided to enact holidays in their lands to celebrate the last harvest.
  • Feast of Frosthallow (18th to 25th of Ravenmoon) – A holiday originally celebrated by the human tribes of the High Nordland, the Feast of Frosthallow has been adopted by the Flock of the Raven Queen and is now celebrated by many – both within and outside of the church. The feast traditionally takes place on the 25th of Ravenmoon, and is preceded by a week’s long ritual – the Festival of Frosthallow – in which simple gifts are given to family, loved ones, cherished friends, and even strangers – both living and dead.
    • The Gathering of the Kingdoms – On the first two days of the Festival of Frosthallow, the leaders of the city-states of Greater Erud gather in High Erudar to discuss the year’s political affairs in an open forum, as well as to discuss the year ahead. This tradition started during the time of the Three Great Thrones and was revived shortly after the Great Schism and the foundation of the Council of Erudis.

Imperial Calendar

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