MM3 Monster Card Template

This template is an iteration of the template used in ChainsawXIV’s Monster Card Tool. It reformats the HTML provided by the tool to comply with the monster card standard introduced in Monster Manual 3 and can be used in the Crunch section of NPC Character pages.

To add new powers or traits, copy and paste an existing power or trait’s DIV container. To add a new action type, copy the DIV container for the action header and paste it under the last power of the previous action type. Follow the sequence provided in the template. This template uses attack icons by rtg0922.

Because this is an HTML template, you can also add custom headings and sections not normally found on the monster card, such as a companion character’s healing surges and surge value.

You can view the code for this template on Pastebin here. The code is based on existing code that was provided as open source, and you can iterate on this code as needed.

Monster Name
Level and Role

Size, origin, and type (keywords), race
XP value
Initiative modifier
Perception modifier
Special senses
HP maximum; Bloodied value
AC X, Fortitude X, Reflex X, Will X
Speed X
Immune type/effect; Resist type; Vulnerable type
Saving Throws modifier; Action Points number
Aura Name (keywords) ♦ Aura size
Trait Name (keywords)
Standard / Move / Minor / Free Actions
Power Name (keywords) ♦ Usage
Attack: Type range (target); bonus vs. defense
Hit/Miss/Effect/Sustain Action/Secondary Attack/Aftereffect/Failed Saving Throws/Special:
Triggered Actions
Power Name (keywords) ♦ Usage
Attack (Action): Type range (target); bonus vs. defense
Hit/Miss/Effect (Action)/Sustain Action/Secondary Attack/Aftereffect/Failed Saving Throws/Special
Skills skill modifiers
Str score (modifier) Dex score (modifier) Wis score (modifier)
Con score (modifier) Int score (modifier) Cha score (modifier)
Languages -
Alignment -
Equipment -

MM3 Monster Card Template

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