Verdrick Indeoceana

Legendary hero of Spiregarde; once held the Standard of Eternal Battle


Considered a legend by the Spirefolk and held up by the Spiral Knights as the standard for a Knight-Commander, Verdrick Indeoceana was once the Legion-Commander of the 20th Legion of the Spiral Knights, the Black Dragonguard. Shortly after the Great Schism, the Sons of Bane, a group of barbaric warmongers from the Gul’shevar Hordelands north of Lake Kytesgrove, were successfully granted the assistance of an avatar of their beloved Black Lord. Accompanying then Dragon-King Seronus Malenzo to battle at what is now Banesfall Rock, Verdrick’s king was supposedly slain on a pike right before him. Furious and inspired by loyalty, Verdrick plunged himself into the fray and impaled the Avatar of Bane on his own battle standard – the Standard of Eternal Battle – and single-handedly turned the tide of the battle.

After the battle, Verdrick settled down back home in Spiregarde, where he continued to raise his sheltered daughter Saphirra while keeping the Standard safe from the hands of those who’d use it to inspire a warrior of ill-repute. But the Standard craves war, and so one day, Verdrick left his manor with the flag flying behind him, and he was never seen again. It is presumed he died leading a band of mercenaries loyal to the Spirefolk on a mission to find the Banesons in the Gul’shevar Hordelands so he could destroy them for good whilst seeking his own death to escape the Standard’s lust for war.

Verdrick Indeoceana

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