In the years following the Great Schism, the Council of Erudis began to catalog the events of the world’s history into a record known as the Codex of Time. The Codex is an exhaustive document that gathers all of the known lore of the world’s past into a single volume. Those without access to the Codex itself know it instead as a record of the major time periods in the world, as ordered by the High Councillors themselves.

All dates are marked in relation to the Imperial Calendar, with 1 IR (or ‘Imperial reckoning’) as the year that the First Treaty of the Nordland was signed.

The Mythic Age (time immemorial to -10,000 IR)

The time from the moment of creation to the beginnings of the Dawn War – a time long forgotten by mortals.

The Dawn War (circa -10,000 to -6000 IR)

The clash between the primordials and the immortal gods, the Dawn War shaped the cosmos for all of eternity.

The Age of Dominion (circa -6000 to -2000 IR)

The mortal races lay claim to the world left behind after the Dawn War.

The Imperial Age (circa -2000 to -500 IR)

The rise and fall of the first great empires in known history – the draconic kingdom of Arkhosia and the infernal servitors of Bael Turath.

The Age of Tears (circa -500 IR to -343 IR)

In the aftermath of the Imperial Wars, the peoples of the world struggle to rebuild as numerous would-be kings and their nation-states attempt to unite the known world.

The Age of Turmoil (-343 to -168 IR)

Barbarian tribes and savages from the planes beyond our own terrorize Erudis as the Three Thrones – Nerath, Vaelyn, and Karkoth – begin their rise to prominence.

Age of Enlightenment (-167 to -1 IR)

Magic flourishes across Erudis as studies of the mind become an increasingly popular practice.

The Age of Three Thrones (1 to 229 IR)

The Treaty of the Nordland ushers a new era of peace for the world as civilization spreads across the face of Greater Erud and to new lands beyond the seas.

Age of the Fallen Crown (230 to 409 IR)

The wars of the Fallen Crown shatters the Treaty of the Nordland; one by one, the Three Thrones find themselves without heirs, and soon, the world descends back into chaos.

The Age of Regret (409 to 802 IR)

Centuries of tension and despair follow civilization’s (first) collapse. Although nations rise to bring new hope to the people of the world, they do not last for long.

The Age of Solace (803 to 1184 IR)

A time of relative peace dawns as civilization returns to prominence not as sprawling kingdoms, but as small, independent city-states and baronies.

The Age of Unearthed Arcana (1184 to 1278 IR)

The War of Ten Staves ushers in a century’s long magical war that threatens to unite the peoples of the world under a banner of tyranny. Although brought to an end, in the wake of victory, the cataclysmic event known as the Great Schism brought the vile Ironspire to Erudis – and nearly destroyed all of the world.

The Age of Consequence (1278 IR to the present day)

In the wake of the Great Schism, powerful arch-magi known as the Council of Erudis have banded the civilized world together to defend their last remaining bastions of light against a darkness that grows more and more bleak with each passing day.


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