Also known as the Port with No Shore and the Fortress Upon the Schism, the city of Spiregarde was once a thriving city with a rich military history. With the great tragedy that has struck Erudis causing such torment to the world so close to their own home, the people of Spiregarde have dedicated themselves to preventing the monstrosities of the Ironspire from encroaching upon the rest of Greater Erud.

At a Glance


About 5,000 people live in the city proper, with another 1,000 or so living in the suburbs.


The state of Spiregarde is governed by its rightful heir, the dragonborn Beleak Malenzo – grandson of the great Crimson General Seronus Malenzo. The city’s mayor is Lord Aleksandr Calloway, Grand Marshall of the 18th Legion of the Spiral Knights. Calloway is also responsible for appointing a town council to look after the city’s trade needs, public works, and to address the concerns of the citizens.


Local law dictates that all boys at the eve of adulthood, as long as they are of good health and are willing to give their lives for their fellow Spirefolk, must enroll into the Spiral Knights. While controversial, this law ensures that one-third of the city’s population are available to defend the state – a force nearly two-thousand strong.


The inns in Spiregarde include the Scalesong Inn and The Red Shield. The Scalesong Inn offers better service and has a courteous staff, but their room fees are at a premium. The Red Shield is more popular with adventurers due to more than a few war veterans being amongst its staff, so there’s always a tale to be heard with some merit to it.


Apart from the taproom at the Red Shield (which the locals will attest has the widest variety of both local and exotic spirits), there’s also the Empty Caravel, which serves a far seedier clientele.


Basic supplies can be purchased at many merchant’s stalls in the Market Ward. Master quality arms and armor can be made to specification at the Citadel Forge for a premium. Meanwhile, Havalynd Consignments provides adventurers with access to rare, exotic goods – if they have the coin and the patience. Finally, the Arcane University has a public artifice shop that sells basic arcane reagents.


The major temples in Spiregarde include the Temple of Order (which houses the clergy of Erathis, Bahamut, and – to a lesser extent – Moradin), and the Stormcaller’s House (the temple of Kord).

Notable Inhabitants

The City Proper
Nearby Settlements
  • Coalburn, a dwarven mining town near the Cliffs of Szaar
  • Daeothmarch, a fortress bordering the southern Nornwood; also known as ‘Kobold Hall’
    • Lord Arator Daeoth (deceased)
    • Lady Dahlia Daeoth (presumed deceased)
  • Lunrevar, an eladrin town built by settlers from Emberglade
    • Desolation, tiefling astronomer
    • Lanaril Silverthistle, eladrin enchantress
  • Velen’s Rest, a fishing village on the banks of Lake Kytesgrove
    • Unter Ghellison, tiefling ex-gladiator
    • Velen of Kytesgrove, founder (deceased)
Guilds and Organizations

Districts of the City

  • The Market Ward
  • The premises of the Arcane University of Spiregarde
  • The magic district (where laws against magic imposed by the Spiral Knights are relaxed), known as the University Ward due to its proximity
  • Passwall, a caravan checkpoint outside the city trade gates
  • The waterfront, also called Dockside
  • Leviathan Wharf, where anglers ply their trade
  • The Residential Ward
  • Artisan’s Circle, where specialist tradesmen hawk their wares and services
  • Old Town, a suburb outside of the (defunct) dockside gates known for its high crime rate
  • The Temple Ward
  • The Spiral Knights garrison at Bahamus Citadel
  • Dragonblood Court, the civic district
  • The warehouse district, also known as The ‘Dry’ Docks

Major Roads

  • The Wyvern’s Spur, an extension of the Old Road
  • The Grand Avenue, the main road from the city gates at Passwall to the city square at the Market Ward
  • Malenzo’s Way, which leads from the city square to Bahamus Citadel and Dragonblood Court
  • The Marble Road, which leads from the city square to the Temple Ward and the Arcane University
  • Leviathan Street, which leads from the city square to the waterfront


  • The city was once known as ‘Wyverngarde’, as it was sometimes believed that the Crimson General, Seronus Malenzo – the first Dragon-King – was truly a dragon in disguise, or even the earthly vessel of the dragon god Io.
  • A common phrase spoken amongst Spirefolk is “may dragon’s wings give you grace”. The term originates with Wyverngarde’s merchant navy, who would use the term as a blessing of good luck. It became popular with the lower class, and it has ascended to official status as a salutation in the ranks of the Spiral Knights.


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