Squall (dice game)

Squall is a popular dice game originating from the alleys and backstreets of Suthegael. The object of the game is to score the highest amount of points without losing.

Materials Needed to Play
  • Six six-sided dice (6d6)
  • A single physical badge referred to as the ‘helping hand’ – usually a clam shell or an arrowhead
  • A method of keeping score
How to Play

At the start of a game, each player makes a bet, which is then put into a pot. Once all bets are made, the first round of play – the eponymous squall – begins.

Two dice are rolled; if any of these dice show a one, then the game automatically ends and all players’ bets are refunded. This event is known as a breeze. If there are no oness in play, the dice totals are tallied up; this becomes the player’s score. Players then choose to either ride out the next squall or bunker down, locking in their score for the remainder of the game.

Another die is added to the dice pool, then the next squall is rolled. If any of the dice show a 1, then all players riding out that squall bust out, losing their bets. However, the first time a player busts out, the helping hand is taken out of play and all dice with a value of 1 are rolled again. If none of the dice show 1 this time, then play continues. Otherwise, players riding out that squall bust out. The game ends after five squalls have been rolled in total.

((The short version: it’s essentially Fortune’s Tower from Fable II Pub Games, but with dice.))


When a squall ends with a bust, all surviving players split the pot. If there are no busts on the fifth squall, then all players riding out the fifth squall take the fifth squall as their points value. The player with the highest score wins the pot. In the event of a tie, all tied players split the pot.

Where to Play

Squall is a popular game that is frequently played amongst the patrons of taverns all across Greater Erud (except for Perinox and Nulanburg, where the game is outlawed – even then, you might find a game or two in the undercities). The game is also a major attraction at gambling houses. Many houses make their own variations on Squall – any game of Squall that changes the rules is often referred to by Southwinders as wigged-git Squall, as there is a presumption that the game has been changed to make it ‘palatable’ for the nobility.

Squall (dice game)

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